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Enjoy Gulliverís Travels at Crafty TV


Staring a crew of Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segal and Amanda Peet along with Billy Connolly, there is a comedy due to make the start of the holiday season start of on a light funny note. Gulliverís Travels preview of the original movie that came out 17 years ago is an adventure and still keeps it at that but with Jack Black in it, itís hard not to make it funny.

Jack Black is an aspiring writer in Gulliverís Travels teaser, who decides to go on writing mission in a Bermudaís Triangle but rather than concentrate on why heís there, he ends up on a little place called Lilliput, which is governed by King of Lilliputia (Billy Connolly) and makes unusual friends while being much much bigger than them.

Everything they put him through is hilarious in itís own right, purely because they are much smaller than him and he doesnít take them seriously, but when they team up together, they end up teaching him a thing or two. Available in 3D digital, Gulliverís Travels trailer shows funny one liners and all the gimmicks you are used to from Jack Black.

Check Gulliverís Travels trailer out at Crafty TV!


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